Topography of integrated circuits

Topography of integrated circuits


What is topography of integrated circuits?

Topography is a three dimensional arrangement of elements out of which at least one is active, and interconnection in the integrated circuit, or such three dimensional arrangement prepared for production of a certain integrated circuit.

Integrated circuit is a readymade product or a semi-product in which a certain electronic function is carried out and in which the elements, out of which at least one is active, and interconnections are integrally formed, in a piece of material, or on a piece of material, respectively both in a piece and on a piece of material.

Only the topography which is the result of intellectual effort of a creator can be protected and which, at the time when created, has not been well known among the creators of topographies or producers of integrated circuits.

What are conditions / procedure for legal protection of topographies of integrated circuits?

Legal protection of topographies is acquired in administrative procedure conducted by competent authority.

Procedure for protection of topography is started by filing application for protection of topography to the competent authority of public administration (Intellectual Property Office).

A separate application is to be filed for each topography.

Application contains request for granting right to topography together with accompanying documents.

Request for granting right to topography contains:

1) name of topography;
2) data about applicant and creator of topography, if the applicant is not a creator;
3) date when the application is filed;
4) date when topography is made, if topography has not been commercially used, or date and place when the topography was commercially used for the first time anywhere in the world.

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